Center Field in New York 1951-1957

“8” An Incredible 1950’s New York Baseball Story Told Through The Eyes Of Three Young Teenage Boys.

A Baseball Book For The Ages

Yes! I’m ready to order my book read “8” AN INCREDIBLE 1950’S NEW YORK BASEBALL STORY told through the Eyes of Three Young Teenage Boys. I am ready to relive what it was like growing up in Jackson Heights Queens NY and being a New York Baseball fan in the 1950’s. I am ready to recount middle school memories and how New York Baseball and our heroes Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, & Duke Snider were intertwined within the fabric of our community.

I Understand That When I Act Now, I get a copy of the book “8″ an Incredible 1950’s New York Baseball Story which includes:

  •  A Historical perspective on Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, & Duke Snide!
  •  A Historical perspective of what baseball was like in New York City during the 1950’s
  •  A Historical perspective of what it was like growing up in Queens NY during the 1950’s
  •  What it was like for three 13 year old friends going to middle school
  •  A remarkable story of 3 friends coming of age

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What they're saying

“Enjoyed it and gave it the highest compliment, I passed it on.”

Bill Lyon, Sportswriter – Philadelphia Inquirer

“This remarkable baseball story that covers all of the ball clubs that were playing simultaneously in the great City of New York and its boroughs. Mickey Mantle, Duke Snider, Willie Mays…what an amazing time to be alive as a baseball fan in New York.”

Pat McMahon, host of KAZ TV’s Morning Scramble

“’8’ is a funny and heartwarming tale of growing up in New York City when a baseball debate took center stage through the eyes of three youngsters and makes for an enjoyable read.”

T.A. Olsinski –author of Death By RX

“Saulino’s exhaustive and impeccable research, especially on the exploits of Mantle, Mays and Snider will delight baseball fans of all ages.”

Joe Carriero, author of How to Hit Slowpitch Softball

“Lou Saulino’s “8” masterfully fixes its lens on the lives of three young boys coming of age in a time before play dates, Facebook or cell phones were even imagined.”

Bob Ludwig, retired NY City teacher