Framily (friends considered family), in similar fashion to the first two books of the trilogy, “8” Center Field in New York, 1951-1957 and Dopey Bastid coalesces sports and friendship in a unique way.

Three friends since childhood, now adults and all reconnected with their teenage
girlfriends and starting families; share the spotlight as the recollection of notable
sporting events come to life. Relive accounts of the NCAA tournament with Magic and Bird, the USA Olympic hockey team miracle in 1980, the Mets World Series victory over the Red Sox in 1986, the Giants Super Bowl XXI triumph, and many others as you laugh out loud, perhaps shed a tear and reflect on the true meaning of friendship.

A remarkable sports trilogy

“8”, “Dopey Bastid”, and “Framily (Friends Considered Family)” recount the tales of three lifelong friends Joey, Bob, & Lou. The trilogy begins in 1957 Queens New York with the book “8”. The three amigos discuss their baseball idols (Willie Mays, Mickey Mante, and Duke Snider) as part of their 8th grade book report. Their story continues with “Dopey Bastid” only this time the three friends are in their 30’s reflecting on dumb decisions made by players, managers, owners and sportswriters. The trilogy concludes with “Framily”, as our main characters enter parenthood. The trilogy is best classified as a historical sports fiction saga. Author Lou Saulino will have you entertained as he incorporates friendship, humor & life lessons with sports!


Lou Saulino

Lou commenced his book writing while taking a break from his professional engineering career as an Executive in the private sector. He simultaneously commenced writing a script for a TV Pilot, Athlete For Hire, and his initial novel, the historical sports fiction tale of three 13 year old friends growing up in Queens, New York, each with an iconic baseball idol,“8” Center Field in New York, 1951-1957. 

Athlete For Hire, the story of a creative sports team owner seeking to retain the year round services of a three sport college phenom, was soon developed into a book and published, and is now in republished. “8” became the first of a trilogy about the three amigos and follows the sports loving trio into adulthood, as they continually demonstrate their special bond of friendship, first with Dopey Bastid and concluding with Framily (friends considered family).

While continuing his civil and transportation engineering endeavors, Lou delved into a new writing genre. His crime mystery, recounting the trials and tribulations of a Catholic priest, Bless Me Father, expanded Lou’s story telling beyond the world of sports and his life experiences.

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